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Little Movie Preview: What's Coming in December and January

By Scott Pukos

I just binge watched nearly a dozen movie trailers for The Little's website, so now I'm especially pumped for some upcoming releases.

As always, the segment below has showtimes and info, but I'm going to use this space to take a deeper look into the future, and give you a heads-up about new movies coming to The Little at the end of this year/the beginning of next year. Enjoy!

How do you eat your Little Popcorn?

By Scott Pukos

Let's talk popcorn. Salty, buttery, life-changing Little Popcorn, that is.

As someone who has consumed The Little's popcorn as a meal multiple times, I feel we have really bonded. While in the opinion of many (including myself) it's the best 'corn, I feel the flavor options we offer help take things to a tasty new realm -- a Flavorworld, if you will. And there's no turning back from Flavorworld.

Little Holiday Store Returns Dec. 9-24

By Scott Pukos

The Little's Holiday Shop returns Friday, Dec. 9. Like last year, the shop will be located in our event space right next to theater 1 on East Avenue. The entrance is the door right next to the main theater (the address is also 240 East Ave.).

We'll be selling tons of great Little gear, including gift memberships, gift certificates, hats, scarfs, ornaments, warm clothing, t-shirts, fun movie-themed items, and more!

Enhanced audio edition of Notes on Blindness makes its U.S. debut at The Little Dec. 3

By Scott Pukos

Notes on Blindness -- a documentary about writer and theologian John Hull coping with blindness -- opens for a month-long, limited run at the Little Theatre Saturday, Dec. 3. The Little will be the first theater in the United States to screen the enhanced audio edition of Notes on Blindness.

Little News: Ticket Price Increase

By Scott Pukos

Starting Friday, Nov. 4, there will be a slight price increase for movie tickets. This will be the first time The Little has raised ticket prices in over seven years. Again, I understand how you may react to this change, but allow me to break this down.

What is changing?

The new prices will be:
Adult tickets (evening shows): $9
Adult tickets (matinee shows): $7
Student tickets: $6
Senior tickets: $6
Military tickets: $6


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